Why Sotomayor is key to Obama’s abortion agenda

July 21, 2009 by Taylor Marshall  
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Obama Supreme Court

Why is Sotomayer important to President Obama? She is Catholic. Of the nine Supreme Court Justices, currently five are Catholic. These five tip the court toward a pro-life consensus (the Catholic exception might be Anthony Kennedy).

By choosing Sotomayer, Obama accomplishes two things. First, he secures another pro-choice advocate in the Supreme Court. Second, he makes it impossible for another Catholic to be appointed to the Supreme Court in the future since this appointment would yield six Catholics among the nine Justices.

A future conservative president would be fried if he attempted to appoint an eighth Catholic (pro-life) justice.

Here’s the religious breakdown of the current Supreme Court:

John Roberts Catholic
Stephen G. Breyer Jewish
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jewish
Anthony M. Kennedy Catholic
Antonin Scalia Catholic
David H. Souter Episcopalian
John Paul Stevens Protestant
Clarence Thomas Catholic
Samuel Alito Catholic


Barack Obama’s Supreme Court…

October 6, 2008 by Taylor Marshall  
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The Supreme Court may tilt left for the next twenty-five years if our nation elects Barack Obama as our Commander-and-Chief. This means that abortion “rights” will be enshrined in our courtrooms, the homosexual agenda will prevail, and our rights to bear arms and speak freely fall into jeopardy.

Three open slots will likely become available in the next four years: those of John Paul Stevens (age 88), Ruth Ginsburg (age 75), and David Souter (age 69). The president appoints Supreme Court Justices for life and so their influence endures long after the President leaves office. The next president will have the duty of appointing their replacements. Barack Obama is a fierce supporter of abortion and never fails to bend the knee to the most liberal elements within the Democratic party. We know for certain that Obama will see to it that Roe v. Wade is not only secured but strengthened by a Supreme Court made in his own image.

The Supreme Court interprets the law of the land. By appointing the next two or three Justices, Barack Obama’s worldview will shape how our laws are interpreted for another generation. This is why we must  prevent Obama from gaining this power of appointment. Vote against Barack Obama!