Eric Wilson reflects on Obama’s win last night

November 5, 2008 by Eric James Wilson  
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Last night, as the networks began announcing Obama’s win, I started to sense the uphill battle we will face as Catholics, Christians, and Americans in promoting a culture of life for the next four years.  The Church, in many quarters, has failed to provide the clarion call for that which we must hold dear.  During the campaign, Obama promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) into law upon reaching the White House.  Should he make good on this promise, the consciences of millions of Americans will be violated – an overreach for which nobody will ever have a mandate.  Lastly, I found it tragically ironic that while we were reflecting, as a nation, on the racial progress represented by the historic election, that roughly one third of our country’s African Americans are not alive to witness it because they have been killed through legal abortion.


Today I wear black

November 5, 2008 by Taylor Marshall  
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Today I wear black.

We are the nation of:

  1. legalized and state-funded contraception
  2. legalized and state-funded embryo destruction
  3. legalized and homosexual “marriage”
  4. legalized no-fault divorce
  5. mandatory income redistribution (to fund the items above in large part)
  6. and our elected president is a man who fought for legislation stating that babies that survive botched abortion should be killed by a doctor

This is what the United States has become. I mourn.

When I finish mourning I will do everything that I can do to reverse these evils in our land.

If God’s wrath comes, we can only blame ourselves. We voted for it.