Archbishop of New York City reaches out to Hispanic population

April 17, 2009 by Taylor Marshall  
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The new Catholic archbishop of New York City Timothy Dolan has recently noted that New York is increasingly Spanish speaking. He has committed himself to shepherding and evanglizing the Hispanic/Latino population that has tended to gravitate toward Pentecostal and Evangelical expressions of Christianity.

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2 Responses to “Archbishop of New York City reaches out to Hispanic population”

  1. FrDarryl Jordan on April 18th, 2009 7:40 am

    Latinos love to feel good; don’t we all? Pentecostalism presents Scripture as Experience without Tradition.

    But in the end, Latinos can’t be fully Protestantised, even if that were possible in theory or practice. After all, Protestantism is, simply put, modern Protestantism is Post-Modern ’spirituality’ – yes, every bit as amorphous and meaningless as that might sound at first blush.

    Latinos bear within themselves a depth of cultural values; they occasionally might be ‘moved’ but they cannot be ’shaken to the core’ by happy-clappy histrionics. Thank God for Our Lady of Guadalupe!

    Our Faithful Latino brothers and sisters have never ceased being who they are: pro-life and pro-family. They also do not buy into liberal Protestant lies about the gender interchangeability.

    I also suspect the men see through the pretense of ‘conservative’ Pentecostal Protestant fervor for the emptiness and absence of substance it hides. Their men are men – without apology. It’s a pity they aren’t a bit more incensed by false religion which woos their wives and children, substituting emotional intensity for liturgical incense.

    They’re a real sleeping giant those Latino men. Oh for a way to turn them back to the Faith of their Fathers. So the real question is, How do we get them fired up to honour the only Religion that combines inextricably Revealed Faith and Real Family Values?

    Sounds like Archbishop Dolan has a plan. I just hope he can delegate the implementation to some Latino catechists and evangelists who can relate!

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