The Catholic Case against Obama

August 12, 2008 by Taylor Marshall  
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Barack Obama has not only voted in favor of abortion, he has voted in favor of partial-birth abortion.* Not only has he voted in favor of partial-birth abortion, he has voted in favor of post-partum infanticide.

Pat Buchanan has just written a pithy little piece entitled “A Catholic Case against Barack“. It’s very informative from a Catholic point of view. Take this for example:

Thrice in the Illinois legislature, Obama helped block a bill that was designed solely to protect the life of infants already born, and outside the womb, who had miraculously survived the attempt to kill them during an abortion. Thrice, Obama voted to let doctors and nurses allow these tiny human beings die of neglect and be tossed out with the medical waste.

I’ll probably catch flack for this, but how is a man who resolutely supports infanticide any better than a man who wanted to slay the Jewish population of Germany?

America is currently a major provider for the world’s abortion. President Obama would only increase the slaughter.

Read Buchanan’s article: “A Catholic Case against Barack

Hat tip to Matthew Hatcher.

* Partial-Birth Abortion: The late-term procedure known as partial-birth abortion, where the baby’s skull is stabbed with scissors in the birth canal and the brains are sucked out to end its life swiftly and ease passage of the corpse.